DTGO JAPAN welcomed the delegates from “Kitamae Japan” to discuss potential collaboration opportunities for the Noto Peninsula reconstruction.

9th February, 2024, A delegation from “Kitamae Japan,” led by Mr. Masanori Watanabe, Executive Advisor of DTGO JAPAN, Mr. Yoshiteru Masaura, General Incorporated Association Kitamae Japan, Dr. Matsushima Daisuke, Professor of Kanazawa University, Mr. Shu Kokaji, Director of Oyayubi Company, Mr. Tadashi Harada, Care Business Partners, and representatives from Kanazawa University, visited THE FORESTIAS in Bangkok. The purpose of the visit was to exchange ideas and explore avenues for medium- and long-term collaboration with DTGO Japan. Mrs. Sasinan Allmand, Country Director of DTGO Japan, warmly welcomed the delegation and facilitated the discussions.

Persons from the left

  1. Mr. Shu Kokaji, Director, Oyayubi Company Inc.
  2. Ms. Voradanu Nimmit, Senior Vice President, DTGO JAPAN
  3. Mr. Tadashi Harada, Care Business Partners
  4. Mr. Yoshiteru Masaura, General Incorporated Association Kitamae Japan
  5. Dr. Matsushima Daisuke, Executive Professor of Kanazawa University
  6. Mr. Masanori Watanabe, Executive Advisor, DTGO JAPAN
  7. Mr. Taketo Okamoto, Kanazawa University
  8. Mr. Atsumasa Nakamura, Kanazawa University
  9. Ms. Koraphat Lakhum, Administrative DTGO JAPAN
  10. Mrs. Sasinan Allmand, (Country Director, DTGO JAPAN) / President, International Special Project Development and Japan

<About Kitamae JAPAN>
“Kitamae ships” were active for shipping business from Edo era to Meiji era. As a business model, “Kitamae ships” did not simply take custody of goods and transport them, but also the ship owners themselves bought and sold the goods that contributed not only for trading but also for the integration of each region’s culture.
Inheriting the spirit of “Kitamae ships”, “Kitamae JAPAN” is aiming to induce a paradigm shift toward the realization of a sustainable society in today’s digitalized and globalized society.