For all well-being around the world DTGO Japan will start

We ar the first Thai company tobe selected as "the most ethical company in the world"

THE FORESTIAS -The Land of Everlasting Happiness

THE FORESTIAS by MQDC is the world’s first community where nature, wildlife, and people live harmoniously together in a high-quality environment for healthy, happy intergeneration living. THE FORESTIAS brings its residents the best of life through meticulous design in every aspect for well-being. This vision enhances the entire nature-rich setting. Architecture features innovations and cutting-edge technology for the ultimate in modern comfort and convenience. Extensive forest and enchanting green spaces meanwhile restore the timeless balance of nature.

About us

DTGO is a ‘business-social’ organization
dedicated to the well-being of society
and the world.

DTGO was founded on the idea that economic and social values are deeply interconnected and must be considered holistically to ensure a company’s long-term success. The key insight that led to the founding of DTGO is that the success of an enterprise and the health and welfare of the society in which it does business are deeply linked in the short, medium and long-term.

DTGO is a company that works for the happiness of the world!

Since its founding in 1993 by Mrs. Thippaporn Ahriyavraromp, DTGO has entered property development, trading, technology, design, construction management, finance, investment, entertainment, and communications.
Rounding out the DTGO corporate structure are the organizations charged with managing the social value part of the proposition, including the Dhanin-Taewee Chearavanont Foundation, Buddharaksa Foundation, Blue Carbon Society, The Givers Network and New Heart New World.

Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, the group is active internationally across several commercial sectors alongside its non-profit initiatives. The DTGO Japan office was established in mid-2021 and oversees business and property investment as well as trading opportunities.
DTGO aims to add value in everything it does, meeting customer needs while ensuring benefits to other stakeholders and the world.

Building a “Business-Social” Culture

As part of bringing this culture to life, all of DTGO’s subsidiary businesses provide vital resources and undertaking support to the organization’s social initiatives, as well as funding their own social programs. DTGO makes this linkage explicit and a deep part of the organization’s culture. We have established processes and protocols that ensure a strong connection between economic value and social value. All our business subsidiaries play a vital role in providing 2% of their top line revenues to fund our social programs.

Vision & Mission

To be a global, evolving, and living organization
that fosters a community of smart and good-hearted people
who care for the world at large.

  1. Nurture children in need of a better quality of life.
  2. Be a community full of warmth and happiness.
  3. Conduct business successfully with ethics and integrity.
  4. Be a dependable place for every member.
  5. Foster every community member to live a happy life with ethics and integrity.

The Framework of Action

Our DNA, the heart of all our actions, activities and communications is the concept of SUSTAINNOVATION, our commitment to generate well-being for society by understanding human behavior and developing an integrated living eco-system.

Our beliefs have caused us to search for the best framework to take action, and this has resulted in a research-driven method of learning and implementation which combines insights in human behavior with an understanding into the eco-systems within which we live, to drive solutions to maximize well-being, health and happiness. This method, which focuses innovative solutions in ways that are sustainable, at DTGO, we call SUSTAINNOVATION.


Building bridges between
Japan and other Asian countries

At DTGO we believe that doing business internationally is a vital part of the process that will to help sustain the future growth and success of our organization.

This belief is best exemplified by the business of MQDC, our property management arm, responsible for world-class projects such as Magnolia Rachadamri Boulevard, Waldorf Astoria Hotel Bangkok, Mandarin Oriental Residences at ICONSIAM, True Digital Park 101 and The Forestias, etc.

MQDC has experienced significant growth in the last 7 years and as part of this growth has expanded its international footprint with several project development and brand-building initiatives in India and the People’s Republic of China.

In that same spirit of exploring international markets we have begun to examine opportunities to build meaningful relationships with investors, potential business partners, and customers in Japan.


Our relationship with Japanese Society
DTGO is eager to learn from and leverage Japan’s best practices in product quality, innovation and technology, with a particular focus on solutions for providing service to an aging population, and bring these best practice and the benefits they provide to Thailand and other Asian countries. We also hope to introduce our own knowledge and know-how to Japan as well, so we can be an active part of this country’s business and societal solutions.

Our Business:
The DTGO Japan office was established in mid-2021 and oversees business and property investment as well as trading opportunities.
DTGO aims to add value in everything it does, meeting customer needs while ensuring benefits to other stakeholders and the world.

Our Social Foundations:

  1. The Dhanin-Taewee Chearavanont Foundation: Health and Environment

    Focusing on education, healthcare and sustainable development, the Foundation is dedicated to creating a compassionate society and a sustainable world.

    Focusing on education, healthcare and sustainable development, the Foundation contributes to major initiatives in Thailand and abroad to help people, places and the planet.

  2. Buddharaksa Foundation: Education

    A charitable organisation that provides educational opportunities for disadvantaged children to enable their brighter future and a better society. Focusing on quality education, the Foundation works with its partners to help more than 20,000 people each year with everything from scholarships to specific skills and capacity building programmes.

  3. Blue Carbon Society: Marine Life and Ocean Health

    A community of passionate people working together to conserve and restore marine ecosystems in the face of climate change. The association promotes public action designed to end activities that threaten marine life and works to establish programmes to enrich marine and coastal biodiversity and ecosystem services.

  4. The Givers Network

    Aims to connect donors with ways to make their giving more effective. The initiative works with charities and donor communities through both offline and online channels.

  5. New Heart, New World

    The leading public outreach programme for creating a better world through the efforts of a community of like minded people.


Country Director and General Manager of DTGO Japan Branch Office

Mrs. Sasinan Allmand

Sasinan is responsible for defining the company's business development strategy in Japan, creating a positive profile and reputation for DTGO in the Japanese market and establishing a strong business network. Before moving to Japan to take up this role, Sasinan was an EVP of Corporate Marketing & Communications for DTGO Corporation Limited and MQDC Corporation Limited.

Prior to joining DTGO, Sasinan was Global Director, Corporate Communications at Thai Union Group Company Limited. Before that she was been Director of Public Relations, Thailand and ASEAN (Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines) at General Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd., as well as filling similar roles at Chevrolet Sales Thailand Co., Ltd., and Volvo Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd., responsible for marketing and dealership in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Sasinan holds a master’s degree in International Business Management from Royal Holloway, University of London, United Kingdom.


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